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Keratoconus & Ectasia Detection: Asymmetric Keratoconus & Post LASIK Ectasia Study

Marcella Salomão, Isaac Carvalho de Oliveira Ramos, Allan Luz, Frederico Guerra, Leonardo N. Pimentel, Renato Ambrósio Jr.

Citation Information : Salomão M, Ramos IC, Luz A, Guerra F, Pimentel LN, Ambrósio Jr. R. Keratoconus & Ectasia Detection: Asymmetric Keratoconus & Post LASIK Ectasia Study. 2012; 40 (5ENG):19-24.

DOI: 10.5005/hoo-10101-40505

Published Online: 24-09-2020

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2012; Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd.


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